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Honesty and Commitment Honesty and commitment are Alan's core values, the cornerstone of Alan culture, the lofty quality of the Alan people, and the foundation of Alan's foundation. Alan advocates the concept of integrity, integrity to shareholders, customers, employees and society. Performance Orientation Pursue balanced, high-quality performance, advocate that "business without growth is not a good business, team without performance is not a good team." Thanksgiving in return With thanksgiving, we regard fulfilling social responsibility as the pursuit of exceeding profits and strive to build an enterprise image of "investor trust, employee love, social respect, and public praise", thus becoming an example for enterprises in the whole society. Shanxi Alan Electric firmly believes: Strengthen consensus and communication in the field of social responsibility, embedding the concept of social responsibility into our strategic development goals, and implementing it into daily business management and innovation activities of enterprises, deepen green environment protection into daily work details, and create an organization acceptable to society and respected by society, so as to realize harmonious coexistence and coordinated development of economic and social environment.
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