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Alan of Shanxi Interprets Sustainable Development of Coal Economy As a team at the forefront of energy, Alan in Shanxi always responds to the national transformation route on energy, actively adjusts the management concept, achieves it with perfect after-sales system and thinks of the customers. Alan takes you to interpret the transformation path of Shanxi energy.This year, affected by the downturn of domestic economy, sluggish coal demand and intensified supply competition, Shanxi coal economy is facing difficulties such as falling coal prices and declining enterprise benefits. Shanxi will face difficulties to upgrade and realize "new industrial, agricultural modernization, urbanization of urban and rural areas, ecology of urban and rural areas". With the approval of the State Council, the National Development and Reform Commission formally approved the establishment of the "Shanxi Provincial Comprehensive Supporting Reform Test Zone for National Resource-based Economic Transition" in 2010. Shanxi has become the ninth comprehensive Supporting Reform Test Zone and the first comprehensive Supporting Reform Test Zone of the whole province in China. According to the requirements of the Central Committee,"Shanxi Provincial Comprehensive Reform Pilot Area for National Resource-based Economic Transition will break through the bottlenecks that have restricted the economic and social development of the whole province for a long time through bold exploration, first trial and first breakthrough. According to the internal requirements of resource-based economic transformation, the relationship between transformation, development and reform will be handled to achieve comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of resource-based areas."Resource-based Economic Transition"Peng Sen, deputy director of National Development and Reform Commission, emphasized at the release that some other comprehensive reform pilot zones are reform experiments centered on one theme in one region. Shanxi Province's pilot is in the whole province, closely centering on industrial optimization and upgrading, the development of strategic emerging industries and the whole industrial structure.Adjustment and transformation of resource-based economy. In the approval of the NDRC, Shanxi is especially advised to adhere to the spirit of first-try, grasp the key fields and links closely related to the transformation of resource-based economy, promote reform and take the lead in breakthroughs. Emphasis should be placed on adjusting and optimizing industrial structure, promoting the deep integration of industrialization and informatization, improving the quality of development and industrial competitiveness, and focusing on promoting technological innovation to form and finish.To improve the system mechanism conducive to independent innovation and application of science and technology, and to promote economic growth to shift from relying mainly on scientific and technological progress, improvement of workers'quality and management innovation; to focus on deepening reform, improving macro-control, giving full play to the basic role of market in allocating resources, establishing and improving the price formation mechanism and factor market system of resource elements, and promoting diversification and competition of property rightsStrive for fairness and the construction of modern enterprise system; focus on promoting the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly society, establishing the concept of green and low-carbon development, accelerating the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly system and mechanism; focus on the construction of urban and rural integrated development mechanism, promoting the coordinated development of industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, and accelerating the construction of new socialist countryside. The central government requires Shanxi Province to further clarify the guiding principle and target tasks of the reform test, study and formulate the overall plan of comprehensive supporting reform, which will be implemented after approval by the State Council. It is understood that Shanxi Province will firmly establish the leading group and office of the comprehensive supporting reform experimental area for national resource-based economic transformation, and accelerate the construction of a work mechanism with strong coordination, vitality and smooth operation. Why Shanxi is chosen as an important base for supplying energy and raw materials in China, and its long-term and high-strength resource development results in single and extensive pillar industries, serious ecological environment damage, low level of resource utilization, frequent accidents in production safety, gradual exposure of resource exhaustion problems, and increasingly prominent deep-seated contradictions and problems in resource-based economic development.In order to solve the abuses of resource-based economy, Shanxi Province attaches great importance to the adjustment of industrial structure, especially actively explores the transformation and development of resource-based economy and has achieved remarkable results. The central government has given full recognition to the economic and social development of Shanxi Province, especially the transformation and development of resource-based economy. Since 2009, Shanxi Province has paid great attention to the adjustment of industrial structure."On December 1, 2010, with the approval of the State Council, the State Development and Reform Commission formally approved the establishment of the Comprehensive Reform Test Zone for State Resource-based Economic Transition in Shanxi Province." What's the significance of setting up comprehensive reform zone in Shanxi? Through pilot test in test area first, we can quicken the pace of industrial structure optimization and adjustment in Shanxi and speed up the transformation of economic development mode. Shanxi economy is characterized by "one coal is dominant"The implementation of the reform experiment of resource-based economy transformation in Shanxi is beneficial to innovate the institutional mechanism of rational development of resources, formation of price of resources products and distribution of income, and coordinated development of three industries, to solve the long-term accumulation of institutional and structural contradictions, to improve the overall quality of industries, to effectively prevent cyclical fluctuations and to achieve stable and healthy economy.Develop well. It is beneficial to conserve resources, protect ecological environment and realize coordinated development of economy, resources and environment by carrying out the reform test of resource-based economy transformation in Shanxi and improving the mechanism of intensive and efficient exploitation of resources, assessment and compensation of ecological environment. To further enhance the strategic position of Shanxi's energy base and safeguard national energy security, the pilot test area will be carried out in Shanxi to carry out the reform test of resource-based economy transformation and strengthen the system construction of coal resource management, comprehensive utilization and safe production, which will benefit the intensive and efficient development of the coal industry and give full play to the advantages of energy resources."Type development, leapfrog the pace of development, and realizing coordinated development of regional economy. The implementation of the reform experiment of resource-based economy in Shanxi will vigorously promote Shanxi to break through the obstacles of system and mechanism, solve the problems of insufficient development power, and promote Shanxi to take scientific development as the theme, change the mode of economic development as the main line, catch up with development as the strategy, and take transformation and leapfrog development as the goal, with full efforts.""Promote the industrialization of new type, agricultural modernization, urbanization of city area and ecology of urban and rural areas" and make every effort to promote "greening, gasifying, purifying and healthy Shanxi"It will effectively play a typical exemplary role in promoting the economic transformation of resource-based areas in China by carrying out the pilot test first in the test area. The implementation of the reform test in Shanxi Province is characterized by strong representation, high demonstration value and outstanding pilot role, which will well demonstrate and drive the economic transformation of resource-based areas in China. The development mode of Shanxi's resource-based economy is extensive and primary. The energy consumption of 10,000 yuan GDP equals 2 times the national average. The pollutant emission index taking sulphur dioxide as an example is 2 times the national average. For every ton of coal mined in Shanxi, 2.48 tons of water will be destroyed. The goaf area of coal has reached 20,000 square kilometers, which is equivalent to 1/8 of the land area of Shanxi. What aspects should Shanxi promote the transformation of resource-based economy in detail? According to the national requirements for the transformation test of resource-based economy and the requirements of the central scientific development concept, Shanxi Provincial Committee and provincial government put forward the strategic deployment of transformation development and leapfrog development. The General requirements are that the resource-based industry should be new-type, the succession of alternative industry should be large-scale and three industries should be realized."Coordinated development. Specifically, Shanxi will realize industrialization, agricultural modernization, urbanization of cities and rural ecology in the future."Transitional development and leapfrog development means sound and rapid development. Resource-based economic transformatio
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