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Our concept of social responsibility: Shanxi Alan electric firmly believes that only by strengthening consensus and communication in the field of social responsibility, embedding the concept of social responsibility into our strategic development goals and implementing it into the daily operation, management and innovation activities of the enterprise can we create an organization accepted and respected by the society, and realize the harmonious development of economic and social environment. Build Alan into an internationally competitive enterprise and realize the pursuit of surpassing profits. "Pursuit beyond profit" shows Alan's spiritual realm and is an important foundation for Alan's sustainable development. Future social responsibility planning: In terms of market responsibility, Alan will continue to deepen and improve customer service content, extend green service to each service detail, and bring different electrical experience to customers; As a shareholder, Alan will continue to rely on management innovation to promote enterprise transformation and upgrading and realize the healthy and rapid development of the enterprise; As a partner, Alan will continue to build a green supply chain and develop win-win with partners for a long time through the evaluation system of "green dealer" and "green supplier"; Social responsibility In terms of government responsibility, Alan will continue to carry out various public welfare activities and educational support to build a harmonious society; In terms of employee responsibility, Alan will continue to improve benefits and improve promotion channels; In terms of community responsibility, Alan will continue to support community activities, serve the cause of the disabled and respect for the elderly, and build a caring community. Environmental responsibility In terms of environmental management, Alan will continue to strictly implement the environmental management system ISO14000 and carry out special activities to protect the environment. In terms of saving resources, Alan will continue to promote lean production and reduce waste in production; In terms of pollution discharge and consumption reduction, Alan will establish a carbon emission measurement and management platform to focus on low-carbon environmental protection... In addition, we will write a social responsibility report and publish it to the public as self encouragement and accept public supervision.

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