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In recent years, with the progress of science and technology and the development of modern civilization, human beings are not only creating material wealth for themselves, but also facing the problems of environmental pollution and resource shortage. We are suffering from the invasion of waste gas, garbage, noise and sewage every day. We are suffering from the consequences of soil erosion and the sharp decline of forests, endangering everyone's physical and mental health. In order to improve our living environment and let everyone understand the harm of environmental pollution, we held activities such as "everyone takes action and strive to be a green family". Shanxi Alan electric adopts energy-saving and environment-friendly innovative design and manufacturing, and is vigorously developing new energy, efficient and clean energy and energy-saving industrial equipment with the positive attitude of "green manufacturing and green manufacturing", so as to make our efforts and practice to alleviate the global energy crisis. Alan creates an efficient supply chain through green management, establishes two systems of green suppliers and green manufacturers, realizes the virtuous cycle development of the supply chain and ensures the stability of the enterprise's supply chain; Improve production efficiency, product quality and production process control through lean production, reduce resource consumption and reduce dependence on the environment while improving production efficiency; Save energy and reduce consumption through green product design, use environmental protection materials and reduce material consumption, develop combined, replaceable and replaceable energy-saving products, improve product service life, and reduce environmental pollution and energy waste; The paperless office is realized through the information platform, which greatly reduces the loss caused by living and office work, improves the office and living environment, greatly improves the satisfaction of employees, and realizes the large-scale utilization of resources... In fact, green enterprises are not only pure cleaner production, but also pay attention to production, products, talents, quality and service, which is Tianzheng's creation of "green enterprises" The practice of Tianzheng is Tianzheng's commitment to "green enterprise". Alan Electric has been committed to building a green organization with core competitiveness, always running the concept of sustainable development through enterprise management, practicing social responsibility with practical actions and advocating the green concept. Its brand value proposition "Alan Green, different incoming feeling" aims to provide customers with different green electrical solutions. In the future, we will be committed to building a green and energy-saving environmental protection organization, actively carry out cleaner production, actively improve the space for energy conservation and emission reduction, reduce unit consumption, achieve zero emission, consciously assume social responsibility, and be a "model of energy conservation and environmental protection".

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