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Haikou Irene Information Consulting Co., Ltd. is subordinate to Shanxi Alan Group Co., Ltd. Shanxi Alan Group Co., Ltd. is located in Datong City, Shanxi Province, the "capital of coal". All departments and subsidiaries are set up completely and the division of labor is clear, so that people can fulfill their responsibilities and greatly improve work efficiency. Through years of continuous development and improvement, the company has entered a relatively stable growth period. Listing date: January 10, 2020, stock code: 060389. The company's business consists of three independent departments: 1、 Sales and maintenance of power transmission and distribution equipment, box type transformer, high and low voltage switchgear, high voltage vacuum circuit breaker, transformer, fuse, zinc oxide arrester, TBP combined overvoltage protector, load switch, power fittings, wall bushing and other power equipment. Undertake the EPC project of power transmission and transformation below 110KVA. 2、 Acting electromechanical brand, providing original industrial Electromechanical, mechanical and power transmission and distribution equipment and spare parts. Among them, Schneider series, abb series and Siemens frequency converter series are the company's standing inventory. 3、 Contract the EPC project of solar photovoltaic power station, solar photovoltaic power generation equipment, solar photovoltaic modules, solar cell modules and solar monitoring devices.

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