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Alan electric donated more than 200000 yuan of shell construction machinery oil to the disaster are

Issuing time:2021-09-23 10:45

On the morning of the 24th, a vehicle loaded with shell construction machinery oil worth more than 200000 yuan departed from Datong to the disaster area in Zhengzhou. This is the disaster relief materials donated by Shanxi Allen Electric Co., Ltd. to Zhengzhou Red Cross Society, which is used for emergency rescue and post disaster recovery, machinery and vehicle oil, help the affected people tide over the difficulties and support flood control and disaster relief.


"One side is in trouble and all sides support. After seeing the disaster, we contacted many parties for donation. Now we have contacted Zhengzhou Red Cross Society and decided to donate shell engineering machinery oil worth more than 200000 yuan for rescue, road cleaning and other machinery and vehicles." the person in charge of Shanxi Allen electric Co., Ltd. said, "The company also sent four power emergency repair technicians to participate in power emergency repair and other rescue work in the disaster area after following the vehicles to deliver disaster relief materials."

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