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Congratulations to The President of Alan Electric on being admitted by EMBA, Tsinghua University

Issuing time:2021-08-15 12:01

Congratulations to The President of Alan Electric on being admitted by EMBA, Tsinghua University


After Alan Electric completed the shareholding system reform, the company has another good news that the chairman of the company was admitted to the EMBA of Tsinghua University. Over the years, Alan Electric has formed a certain scale in the industrial field, especially the electrical industry, and has also made good achievements. For the continuous development of the company, the senior leaders of the company strengthen their studies, constantly update their knowledge and accumulate experience, adhering to the school motto of Tsinghua University of "Continuous Self-reliance and Virtue and Virtue", forge ahead, strive to innovate, and apply what they have learned!


Talents and development are ever-changing realistic propositions and are also one of the important indicators for considering the operational performance of an enterprise. "Applying what you have learned, knowing what you have learned, and relying on industry and academia" is the company's talent concept and a commitment to social responsibility. The company hopes to form a teaching-research-production combined model in the process of continuous development, increase its efforts to support the construction of cooperative colleges, and provide key support for the construction of key disciplines and laboratories serving the electrical industry, and support colleges and universities to participate in corporate scientific and technological research And the application of major national science and technology projects, to attract schools to participate in the enterprise's scientific research and technological transformation projects.

Alan Electric will obtain a map of the new journey in Tsinghua, take over the baton of the knowledge and ideas passed on by the teachers, and continue to move forward with full strength. After graduation, they will adhere to the school motto of continuous self-improvement and ethics, encourage each other, innovate and develop careers with a forward-looking vision and a broad pattern, create more social value, and benefit the public.

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