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Shanxi Electric Power’s 500kV power grid takes the lead in the early stage of "Jin Section"

Issuing time:2021-08-15 12:01

Shanxi Electric Power’s 500kV power grid takes the lead in the early stage of "Jin Section"

   Jing Yuping, Song Kang, Correspondent of China Power News Network reported that on August 26, Shanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission officially approved the 500kV Yuncheng East (Tongxiang) Transmission and Transformation Project and the 500kV Longcheng (Taiyuan South) Transmission and Transformation Project with documents. project. So far, Shanxi Electric Power Company’s plans to construct four 500kV projects in Datong, East Datong, East Yuncheng, and South Taiyuan in 2013 have been successfully completed, marking the first "Jin section" of Shanxi's 500kV power grid project.

   In May of this year, the State Council delegated the authority to approve 500 kV AC grid projects to the provincial investment authority. The leaders of Shanxi Electric Power Company have personally led many times to coordinate and communicate with the relevant persons in charge of Shanxi Provincial Government and Provincial Development and Reform Commission on the approval and connection of power grid projects. Discuss the adaptability of Shanxi Province's 19.2 million kilowatt low calorific value coal power generation strategy and the development of UHV power grids. Under the guidance of the State Grid Corporation of China, Shanxi Electric Power Co., Ltd. is actively engaged in process docking with various administrative departments, proactively reporting the progress of the preliminary work of the project, tracking every business link in a timely manner, and ensuring that 4 key 500 kV projects are approved in the first time Approval.

   With the continuous improvement of the "big planning" system, the Shanxi Electric Power Company's early-stage power grid management system has gradually been completed, the establishment of responsibilities and powers has gradually been clarified, and the early-stage work force of cities and counties has gradually been enriched. In the process of carrying out feasibility studies and supporting documents for the 500 kV projects in Datong East, Yuncheng East, Taiyuan South, etc., provincial, municipal, and county-level companies are guided by the "Twenty-Four Solar Terms" method, with clear nodes and division of labor It was clear, linked and efficient, and solved a series of early-stage difficult problems in a timely manner, laying a solid foundation for the project to have the conditions for approval.

    It is reported that according to the State Grid Corporation's 2013 work plan, the approval tasks for the Shanxi Electric Power Company's 500 kV project have all been completed before the project starts construction. The supporting documents of the 500 kV Xinzhou Guancen (Wuzhai) power transmission and transformation project planned in 2014 will also be collected in September and submitted to the Provincial Development and Reform Commission for approval. After nearly two years of hard work, the historical problems of the Shanxi Power Grid project have been fully resolved, the newly started projects have been legally and compliantly started construction, and the approval of the 500 kV project has taken the lead into the fast lane of "upgrading".

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