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The rapid development of smart grid, low-voltage electrical appliances will become the mainstream of

Issuing time:2021-08-15 12:01

The rapid development of smart grid, low-voltage electrical appliances will become the mainstream of the market

    A low-voltage circuit breaker (previously called an automatic switch) is a switching device that can not only switch on and off normal load current and overload current, but also switch on and off short-circuit current. In addition to the control function in the circuit, the low-voltage circuit breaker also has certain protection functions, such as overload, short circuit, undervoltage and leakage protection.

    The low-voltage circuit breaker market has experienced good growth in 2011. With the construction and implementation of smart grids and the development of the new energy industry, it will maintain steady growth in the next few years. Mainly manifested in the following aspects:

    (1)New demand brought about by the large-scale deployment of smart grid construction

The construction of the smart grid will be implemented in three phases before 2020. The first phase is 2009-2011, mainly for research and pilot projects; the second phase is 2011-2015, when the smart grid will be implemented on a large scale; the third phase It is 2016-2020 to achieve overall improvement and improvement. At present, the State Grid Corporation of China is stepping up the formulation of nearly 200 technical standards for China's smart grid. The introduction of planning and standards has brought the construction of smart grids into the journey, which will bring huge demand for medium and high-end low-voltage circuit breakers.

    (2)Manufacturing investment drives future growth

    Manufacturing is a key application area of the low-voltage electrical industry, and one of the ten key engineering areas for energy conservation and emission reduction. Due to the pressure of energy-saving indicators, the Chinese manufacturing industry will maintain a strong demand for energy-saving control and intelligent power distribution electrical products.

    (3)Wind energy, solar energy and other new energies bring huge demand for medium and high-end low-voltage circuit breakers

    After the Copenhagen Conference, investment in new energy has become the focus of worldwide attention. New energy and low-carbon economy have become the main directions of the electrical equipment industry. The vigorous development of new energy will create a greater demand for high-efficiency and stable medium and high-end low-voltage electrical products. The demand for low-voltage electrical components is expected to increase substantially within 3-5 years. A number of core and key technologies such as the inverter control system and grid-connected technology of wind power and photovoltaic power generation need to be broken through. This is also a direction for the future expansion of the low-voltage electrical industry.

    Statistics show that the market size of my country's low-voltage circuit breaker industry in 2011 was 40 billion yuan. In the next few years, with the continuous growth of my country's new power generation and the rapid development of other downstream industries, the domestic market's demand for low-voltage circuit breaker products will continue to grow. Therefore, the market scale of my country's low-voltage circuit breaker industry will also grow rapidly. It is expected that By 2016, the market size of my country's low-voltage circuit breaker industry will be close to 80 billion yuan.

    From the end of the 20th century to the beginning of the 21st century, major foreign companies have successively introduced new ACB and MCCB, and have been continuously improved and expanded. They have made major breakthroughs and innovations in terms of main technical performance, product structure, and new technology applications. Among them, Siemens of Germany is the most prominent. Its low-voltage electrical appliances that can communicate can form a very large industrial system, power distribution monitoring system and building automation system. The MDU series circuit breaker developed by Mitsubishi Corporation can directly realize the power energy monitoring network. System, equipment monitoring network system, etc.

Low-voltage electrical appliances are widely used in various industries in the national economy and are closely related to the fixed investment situation of the whole society. 21 Actually, it was a period of rapid development of China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry. The growth rate of my country's low-voltage electrical appliance industry has remained at 10%-15% in recent years. The market capacity of the low-voltage electrical appliance industry is closely linked to the development of the power, industry, real estate, and telecommunications industries. Together with the structural adjustment of the demand for low-voltage electrical appliances and the potential demand of the international market, it provides a broad space for the future development of the low-voltage electrical appliance industry.

    During the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period, with the advancement of smart grid construction and the continuous development of low-voltage electrical production technology, a new generation of low-voltage electrical appliances featuring intelligence, modularity, and communication capabilities will become mainstream products in the market. The first-generation products will withdraw from the market in 2010, the second-generation products will become low-end products, and the third-generation products and some second-generation products will become mid-end products. From 2011 to 2015, the smart grid will enter a comprehensive construction stage in seven aspects including power transmission, transformation, distribution, and communications.

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