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Schneider Electric Green China (International Business Daily)

Issuing time:2021-08-15 12:01

Schneider Electric Green China (International Business Daily)

As a market means to deal with global climate change and reduce carbon emissions, carbon trading is widely used in the emission reduction practices of various countries. The Chinese government has also clearly stated the goal of gradually establishing a carbon emission trading market and developing a carbon emission trading system, and requires the establishment of a market-based mechanism that attracts social capital to invest in ecological and environmental protection. "In order to better provide Chinese companies with carbon consulting, energy management system construction, energy saving and emission reduction and other services, to help companies complete carbon and carbon asset management, carbon emission management and carbon strategy formulation, Schneider, a global energy efficiency management expert Based on the establishment of the Energy and Sustainability Service Department, Electric has launched a one-stop service for Schneider Electric Carbon Consulting." At the Schneider Electric Media Academy event held in Beijing on the 11th, Cai Luping, senior consultant of Schneider China Sustainability Services, introduced .

It is understood that Schneider Electric Carbon Consulting’s one-stop service will comprehensively consider the customer’s energy efficiency investment and carbon asset trading, combined with the development of the software platform and the implementation of carbon strategies, and ultimately help customers find the best between their energy efficiency projects and carbon asset trading. Investment balance point to realize customers' overall economic benefits of energy saving and carbon reduction. The service includes eight major businesses: carbon emission risk consulting, carbon strategy and roadmap customization, carbon inventory, carbon emission compliance consulting, CDP carbon disclosure, sustainability reports, voluntary emission reduction projects, and sustainable development software.

In this regard, Liu Xiaotian, Director of Energy and Sustainability Services of Schneider Electric’s China Global Solutions Division, said: “With unique market insights, innovative solutions and customized consulting services, Schneider Electric can provide energy-saving enhancements for China’s low-carbon economic development. Effective technology and service support will actively help Chinese companies integrate resources, save energy and increase efficiency, and ultimately achieve green and sustainable development of society.

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