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South of the Five Ridges electricity supplier cross-border logistics adds new routes

Issuing time:2018-10-10 14:55

Reporters recently learned from Lingnan Ecommerce Industrial Park, January 30, Lingnan Ecommerce Industrial Park crossborder ecommerce logistics project Perth Line test in Australia under the guidance of Southern Airlines and customs clearance companies have been successful.

According to the introduction, under the leadership of Lingnan Business Park chairman Onanxiong, Lingnan cross-border e-commerce logistics opened Los Angeles, Australia, Sydney, Perth, Auckland, New Zealand, Tokyo, Japan and other overseas routes. This week Canada Vancouver, Australia Melbourne line test is also about to start. In addition, Hong Kong, Macao, Frankfurt, Germany, London, the Netherlands, Amsterdam and other routes are also intensifying preparations. Can provide customers with overseas warehouse packaging, international air transport agents, domestic customs clearance, domestic landing distribution of full process services and logistics solutions. In 2015, the park's plan will also implement the integration of high-quality goods overseas to provide businesses with cutting-edge sources of overseas resources.

Lingnan E-commerce cross-border logistics, relying on China Southern Airlines hub, lays out the supply chain resources of upstream and downstream overseas, and creates a professional cross-border integrated supply chain solution for business enterprises, especially the E-commerce enterprises in the park, which integrates commodity supply, logistics transportation and information sharing. Ou Nanxiong said that Lingnan E-commerce cross-border logistics has great advantages over other counterparts: early filing, rapid declaration, flexible operation, centralized delivery, on-arrival clearance, rapid delivery, taxation according to the postal rate, sunshine customs clearance guaranteed. In this way, Lingnan e-commerce cross-border logistics can be realized from the start of the order, the whole information tracking, within seven days package to hand, the real experience of "around the earth to buy, one-click goods to hand."

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