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AlanElectric is as unfathomable as the sea. You will never see the end of learning and development. You will find new things appear every day, you can see innovation every day, and you can learn new knowledge every day.

What gives me the most sense of achievement in working for Allen is:

My team is an international team. My colleagues come from Singapore, Britain, India, Australia, Japan and other places. Our skin color is dark and light, and our English accents are diverse.

The fun of working with colleagues from different countries is not just to recognize the expansion of the frontier. We always find inspiration for progress in each other. The benefit to the business lies in the close cooperation of the team, which makes the sales of the whole region fit closely. The ups and downs of each market can not escape our eyes. We can be flexible and lead the team, and achieve the record sales performance of the whole Asia Pacific region in 2009 under the background of the economic crisis!

In Allen's corporate culture, I most appreciate and agree with:

I think it is diversity and inclusiveness, because it reflects the company's respect for employees' personal dignity and development rights. These two complementary values not only integrate the differences formed by employees due to different experience backgrounds, so that everyone forms the most basic recognition of the company's culture, but also encourage independent thinking, innovation, challenge tradition and communication in practical work; It also gives new employees time and resources to learn and adapt.

Every Alan I met has a friendly and generous heart, which benefits me a lot by saying everything and saying everything.

What would you say to a very excellent and suitable talent / graduate who is now hesitating whether to choose Allen from multiple job offers?

As long as you have the heart of knowledge and the ambition of achievement, join us and continue to write success hand in hand!

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