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Intelligent power distribution solution

Intelligent power distribution solution

With the popularization of computer application technology, intelligent distribution monitoring has become an advanced and effective management mode. The intelligent distribution monitoring of our company adopts a hierarchical and distributed structure, and an integrated industrial computer is configured locally to monitor and control the high-voltage distribution cabinet, transformer and low-voltage distribution cabinet separately; And timely transmit various parameters to the monitoring center and receive various control commands from the monitoring center. The local and monitoring center can adopt a variety of transmission media, such as optical fiber, 10 / 100M high-speed Ethernet communication network, shielded special communication line, etc. Ensure the fast, accurate and reliable transmission of system data information. The system fully considers the application characteristics of the distribution system, adopts the latest computer communication technology and the most advanced power system analysis method, designs and develops the general configuration software, takes reliability, practicability and economy as the principle, refers to the most advanced design criteria at home and abroad, and follows the internationally popular power object-oriented model specification, It is developed uniformly on the standardized power platform, with practical function, simple use, convenient maintenance and easy expansion; It can fully realize the unattended management of power distribution engineering. The intelligent power distribution scheme system has the following characteristics: powerful system self inspection and online maintenance functions. The system can automatically and manually conduct overall self inspection, report the operation defects of the automation system, and conduct online maintenance, such as modifying equipment parameters, data backup, adjusting network flow, etc. The scope of system self inspection and maintenance includes not only system software, computer equipment, power distribution equipment, communication equipment, but also network equipment, UPS power supply, GPS clock, etc. It also provides the ability of remote maintenance. Users can log in to the system maintenance workstation through remote maintenance tools or directly log in to each maintenance equipment using Windows imitation terminal software. The system has good independence and sharing independence. Local faults do not affect the operation of the system, and monitoring computer system faults do not affect the operation of local units; Network data sharing shall be realized among monitoring computer systems at all levels. Compatibility of application tools in addition to using system tools, common tools in Windows environment can be applied, such as mspaint for graphic drawing, Excel for report editing, printing, etc. Good scalability reflects the scalability of the system in many aspects. The overall number of equipment points and unit points shall be reserved according to 30%, and each function shall be modularized to realize the application expansion of the function. The embodiment of equipment objectification completely objectifies the expression of primary equipment and secondary equipment in the system, which is not only reflected in the maintenance of database, but also runs through the concept of equipment objectification in data acquisition, information transmission, information sharing and interface operation. The object model of equipment complies with the international standard gomsfe (Generic Object Models for Substation and Feeder Equipment ) , it not only simplifies the system maintenance work, but also can widely integrate with foreign equipment, superior dispatching system and other application systems smoothly; the hierarchical management system of automatic information fully reflects the concept of hierarchical management of automatic information, and can centrally manage the operation and maintenance information of each equipment through the virtual control center (VCC) The system provides up to 32 VCCS at the same time, each VCC maintains different data mapping tables, provides data images for different purposes after centralized data management of hydropower station, and has the functions of data filtering and data reorganization. It has perfect remote operation verification function The system fully considers the situation of manned and unattended, and can be managed in a mixed way. The control equipment can be set to local or remote operation mode locally. For the control equipment in remote operation mode, the operation locking is automatically carried out to prevent simultaneous operation. The authority can be set for each control equipment, such as operator, operation location, etc. in addition, through the special anti misoperation The home system can further judge the operation and carry out error prevention locking. It has four remote functions. Considering the unattended management, it can remotely control the opening and closing of circuit breaker and the gear of transformer. The system receives the remote dispatching command and judges the correctness and feasibility of the command in real time, and then sends the corresponding control command to each functional module to execute the command and adapt it Return to the superior management center under working conditions.

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