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Phaseoabl8-7w to 960W single-phase and three-phase industrial switching power supply
•   Modular and optimized switching power supply can be used for single-phase 100-240V power grid > output voltage: 5, 12, 24, 48 V DC > rated output power: 7 w-145 w > high compact design > wide input voltage > 35mm standard guide rail or screw hole installation & bull; Universal switching power supply can be used with single, two-phase and three-phase 100-500v power grid > output voltage: 24,48 V DC > 5,15vdc output voltage can be obtained through the voltage conversion module > rated output power: 72 w-960 w > energy storage function, which can provide 1.5in > 6 product order numbers in a short time, covering 3-40a current output > 35mm standard guide rail installation > LED diagnostic alarm, Alarm contact output > incoming line filtering function > 4 power supply reliability solutions & bull; Warranty period: 18 months advantages to provide source power for your automation system& bull;   The new generation of wide input universal switching power supply integrates a large number of new functions & bull; At the same time, functional modules are provided to provide customers with more solutions & bull; Modular switching power supply and optimized switching power supply compact appearance design tailored for simple equipment and Application Design & bull; Industry and construction: simple machinery, transportation, processing, automobile, etc.. & bull; Civil: garage door
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