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Imported tesysf thermal overload relay -?imported 30 to 630A electronic thermal overload relay

•   Lr9d and lr9f, 8 specifications in total& bull;   Trip level: class 10, class 20& bull;   Using electronic chip to simulate thermal trip, it can provide high-precision control and wide range setting, which is not affected by ambient temperature& bull;   With test, manual or automatic reset and stop functions, alarm circuit and trip indicator can be set& bull;   Bolt connection mode is more suitable for direct installation with large-scale contactors& bull;   The transparent face cover that can be sealed by lead can prevent the accidental change of the original setting value& bull;   Warranty period: 18 months advantage electronic armor of motor starter & bull; These unique electronic relays have built-in alarm function, have wide current adjustment range and high precision, and can meet a variety of application requirements& bull;   They can be directly installed under lc1-d115 / 150 and lc1-f contactors to form a very compact motor starter. Application & bull; Industrial control, energy and infrastructure, construction, etc& bull;   Standard motor protection& bull;   Line protection& bull;   Motor overload protection, motor locked rotor and phase loss protection.

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