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Imported tesysgv2 motor circuit breaker -?0.37 to 15kw motor circuit breaker

•   When the motor circuit breaker operates by itself, it can be controlled manually, and when the contactor is connected, it can be controlled remotely& bull;   The protection of the motor is provided by the circuit breaker of the integrated thermal relay electromagnetic equipment& bull;   All live parts are protected and cannot be directly touched by fingers from the front panel& bull;   Undervoltage tripping is added, so that the circuit breaker can be disconnected under undervoltage conditions& bull;   Shunt tripping is added, and the disconnection of this element can be controlled remotely& bull;   The operators of open mounted and closed motor circuit breakers can be locked in & ldquo; N/C” Position & bull; Warranty period: 18 months advantage & bull; Compact and concise, TeSys GV2 motor circuit breaker is only 45mm wide, and is classified according to different performance and functions such as control type, breaking capacity, motor protection components and accessories. Application & bull; Motor control and protection performance shall comply with IEC 947-2 and IEC 947-4-1 standards& bull;   It can be conveniently installed on any equipment and fixed or clamped on the guide rail with screws.

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