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Domestic TeSys AC contactor -?0.06 to 350kW AC contactor

•   The contactors and protective elements of compact installation > to 38a are only 45mm wide > the surge suppressor installation requires no tools and is directly inserted into the contactor without occupying more space > the reversible contactor is only 90mm wide, the mechanical interlocking does not occupy additional space, and the installation takes almost no time > the actuator element provides a pre wiring module, the starter assembly is fast and convenient, and the appearance is beautiful & bull; Highly integrated > to 100A contactor integrated 1 normally open / 1 normally closed auxiliary contact > built-in bidirectional current suppression diode in DC coil > built-in bidirectional current suppression diode in reversible contactor group > innovative DC low-power contactor to simplify automation system design & bull; Safety and reliability > the main circuit and control circuit of control and protection elements are clearly distinguished > mirror contact design in line with safety standards to ensure 100 million reliable actions > protective cover to prevent accidental connection of contactors > circuit breaker and thermal relay dials are equipped with padlockable covers to prevent accidental changes & bull; Excellent quality > DC coil with wide range of control voltage (0.7 ~ 1.25uc) > strong seismic resistance > lower noise > improved terminal strength & bull; New product domestic tesysd 40-65a everlink contactor and thermal relay performance characteristics: > durable torque, reliable installation > compact, space saving > simple installation, time saving > easy maintenance, cost saving > unique QR code identification technology & bull; Warranty period: 18 months advantage comprehensive control & bull; The TeSys D contactor is compact (to 38a, width 45mm), simple and in line with international standards. Beautiful appearance, and comprehensively improve the excellent performance and operation safety of the product& bull;   Domestic tesysd series contactors have a wide line width from 09A to 620A, and the supply is fast. Application & bull; TeSys D contactor is designed for various control systems& bull;   It can be used as motor starter in various applications.

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