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Imported tesysd AC contactor -?0.06 to 75kW AC contactor

•   AC, DC and DC low power control loops& bull;   It can be composed of a variety of starters, non reversible or reversible contactors, star delta starters, autotransformer starters & bull; Connection mode: spring terminal, everlink terminal, screw connection, ring terminal and quick wiring mode & bull; The new 40 ~ 65A contactor adopts everlink connection technology, and the connection with the circuit breaker is simple and reliable & bull; Complete certification: CE, CCC, CSA, UL, DNV, BV, LROs, etc. & bull; Warranty period: 18 months advantage comprehensive control & bull; The TeSys D contactor is simple to install and compact in size. The width of 9 ~ 38a is 45mm, and the width of 40 ~ 65A is only 55mm, and conforms to a variety of international standards. The new contactor of 40 ~ 65A adopts everlink wiring technology. Everlink terminal is the latest patented technology of Schneider, which can ensure the permanent firmness of wiring. Application & bull; Industry, infrastructure, construction & bull; The TeSys D contactor can be used in any situation where a motor starter is required

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