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Imported tesysf AC contactor -?55 to 450KW AC contactor

•   Covering 115 ~ 800A rated current range, AC / DC coil control& bull;   The three product types (standard type, special type and locking type) have the same size& bull;   Zero arcing design, high safety& bull;   The contact wear can be read out through the scale, which is convenient for product maintenance& bull;   It adopts a unified auxiliary module with D series, and can be equipped with 10 pairs of auxiliary contacts at most& bull;   Reversible contactor can be installed vertically and horizontally& bull;   The special double coil design ensures the quick opening and closing of the contactor, and can save a lot of energy consumption at the same time& bull;   Warranty period: 18 months, strong advantage, omnipotent & bull; This extremely compact TeSys f contactor will greatly meet your pursuit of high performance& bull;   With lr9 electronic thermal relay or gv7 motor circuit breaker, it forms a motor starter. With fast and simple selection and unified accessories, TeSys f contactor will provide you with a more flexible and safe feeling. Application & bull; Industrial control, energy and infrastructure, construction, etc& bull;   Control of all types of standard motor or heavy-duty motor, as well as resistance, inductance or capacitance circuit: such as heating, lighting, power factor compensation, switching of transformer and general standby power supply, etc.

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