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Schneider contactor tesysf

•   Provide 6a, 9a, 12a and 16A current specifications& bull;   & bull; Provide a variety of specifications: 3-pole / 4-pole, AC control lc1k, DC control lp1k, DC low power consumption LP4, silent lc7& bull;   & bull; Reversible: AC control lc2k, DC control lp2k, DC low power consumption lp5, silent LC8& bull;   & bull; Compact structure: the width is only 45mm, and the volume is only half of the same current specification of D2 series contactor& bull;   & bull; There are four wiring modes: screw terminal (standard), spring terminal, welding terminal and quick wiring terminal& bull;   & bull; The maximum operating frequency can reach 3600 times / hour, the mechanical life is 10 million times, and the maximum low power consumption specification can reach 30 million times& bull;   & bull; The installation method is more optional, which can be installed vertically and horizontally& bull;   & bull; Simple and exquisite& bull;   & bull; TeSys K series contactors and reversible contactors have small volume and excellent performance, and can be widely used in various application ranges& bull;   & bull; Industrial control, energy and infrastructure, construction, etc& bull;   & bull; Simple control system& bull;   & bull; Silent contactors can be used in occasions sensitive to noise and power interference& bull;   & bull; Low power contactor matched with PLC output.

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