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The most promising opportunities for solar thermal power generation in 2015
  • China's renewable energy development roadmap 2050, which provides guidance for the medium and long-term transformation and development of China's renewable energy, was officially released recently. The roadmap is the main work achievement of the China Denmark renewable energy development project and defines China's new energy development goals for 2020, 2030 and 2050, The positive scenario target of solar thermal power installation reaching 500gw in 2050 is given. Our analysis is as follows: core view: China's renewable energy development roadmap 2050 is the first report based on the long-term development of renewable energy issued by China. The document is led by the Energy Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, which will provide reference for the introduction of China's future renewable energy policies and development goals to a certain extent, It also represents the attitude of the national development and Reform Commission towards the future development of renewable energy in China to a certain extent. We are optimistic about the development opportunities of new energy for a long time, and we are most optimistic about the explosive opportunities of solar thermal power generation from scratch in 2015.

    The development of new energy is promising for a long time, and the release of the road map points out the future development direction. The road map sets out the scale of photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind power and biomass power generation under the general and optimistic scenarios of 2020, 2030 and 2050. From the perspective of the exploitable scale predicted in the future, there is a huge space for the development of various renewable energies to support the sustainable development of listed companies in the industry in the future. According to the prediction of the basic scenario, the installed capacity of photovoltaic, solar thermal and wind power will reach 1 billion kw, 180 million KW and 1 billion kw respectively in 2050.

    From scratch, solar thermal power generation will continue to be catalyzed by policies from next year, and photovoltaic and wind power will pay attention to the impact of the introduction of quota system. The roadmap predicts that in 2020, under the basic scenario, the installed capacity of photothermal power generation will reach 5GW, exceeding the previous 3gw expected by the market. We estimate that 5GW is expected to be written into energy & ldquo; The 13th five year plan; Planning will become an important evidence of the rapid development of the industry. From the expected time point of policy introduction, we expect that from the first half of 2015, supporting policies related to solar thermal power generation will be introduced one after another, and the initial 1GW demonstration projects will be started one after another. For photovoltaic and wind power, the stage of continuous introduction of supporting policies has passed. The policy that has the greatest impact on the industry in 2015 is the introduction of quota system.

    It is slightly absurd to bearish on new energy with the short-term decline of crude oil prices, and the short-term adjustment brings good opportunities for long-term layout.

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