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Based on the adjustment of energy structure,?we are optimistic about UHV and photothermal power gene

The power equipment and new energy industry has risen sharply for two consecutive years, which has responded to the reversal of industry profits and valuation repair. It is expected that the market will be divided in 2015, and event and policy driving are still the key to grasp the market in 2015. It is suggested to pay attention to the three thematic opportunities of UHV, photothermal power generation and investment and M & A. in addition, it is also suggested to pay attention to the continuous fermentation of industry 4.0 and the utilization of low-temperature waste heat in energy conservation and emission reduction. It is expected to continue to exceed expectations in the future. UHV is the support of national strategies such as promoting energy structure adjustment and large-scale environmental protection, and large-scale construction is the trend. In the second half of 2014, due to the constraints of non industry fundamentals such as the audit of the State Grid, the noisy reform of the power system and the fate of Liu Zhenya, the performance of UHV related targets was unsatisfactory. However, the large-scale power transmission from China's energy base needs to increase the scale of north to South power transmission and west to East power transmission, which is an important support for China to promote energy structure adjustment and solve the haze in the Middle East; 4 AC and 4 DC & rdquo; With the support of the plan, 2015 will usher in the normalization and large-scale construction. Solar thermal power generation is an industry that will soon be in the tuyere. We are most optimistic about it, and pay attention to the promotion of quota system on photovoltaic and wind power. Solar thermal power generation solves the problem of energy storage, can be used as basic load and is not restricted by power grid output. Therefore, it is expected to become the first choice for the construction of solar power stations in Northwest China. We expect that in the first half of 2015, relevant policies for solar thermal power generation demonstration power station will be issued and the scope of 1GW demonstration power station project will be delimited, & ldquo; The wind blows and the potential rises & rdquo; Will be inevitable. Photovoltaic and wind power pay attention to the promotion of the introduction of quota system to the industry, and are optimistic about distributed photovoltaic power plants and monocrystalline silicon industry chain in the industrial chain.

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