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Substation fault handling system of smart grid

Smart grid is the most stimulating issue discussed by everyone in the electrical industry. At present, President Obama announced the "smart grid" in the new energy strategy; Smart Grid & rdquo; In the concept, it is mentioned that the electricity at home can charge new energy vehicles, and the electricity consumption at home will be automatically priced according to the different power consumption periods of the day. The electricity price will rise automatically in peak hours and decrease in trough hours. Users can also see the electricity consumption of the whole city. This is not fiction. We may achieve all this in 10 years. 1、 The concept of smart grid although the smart grid has been put forward for one or two years, the research on smart grid has been carried out for a long time. Digital substation, digital distribution equipment, digital distribution network, digital terminal, and the research and development of communication system based on IEC61850 standard, all of which are the backbone framework of smart grid. At this stage, countries have different understanding of smart grid according to their own national characteristics. The three major power operation networks in the world, North America, the European Commission and China also have their own standards. The Electric Power Research Institute of the United States summarized the main characteristics of smart grid as follows: (1) power grid will be & ldquo; Automatic recovery: The complex power grid monitoring system will predict and immediately respond to system problems to avoid or reduce power supply quality problems such as power failure and voltage instability. (2) the power grid will be safer in natural state and computer state: the configuration of new technology will better identify and respond to man-made and natural violations. (3) The power grid will support the use of a wide range of decentralized power sources: the standardized interface between power and communication will enable users to connect fuel cells, renewable energy power generation and other decentralized power sources with simple & ldquo; Plug and play & rdquo; You can use it in a different way. (4) The power grid will enable users to better control their own electrical equipment / devices, whether domestic users or industrial and commercial users. The power grid will be connected to the energy management system of smart buildings to help users manage their energy use and reduce energy consumption. (5) The power grid will reach a higher transmission and distribution capacity, so as to reduce the power cost: the upgrading of the power grid will improve the transmission capacity of the transmission network and optimize the current, which will reduce the loss and maximize the use of the lowest cost power generation. At the same time, it can better coordinate the relationship between power distribution, local load service function and inter regional energy flow and communication transmission. The European Commission summarizes the characteristics of smart grid as follows: first, flexibility to meet the diversified power needs of users; Second, accessibility to ensure that all users can access the power grid, especially for renewable energy and efficient and clean local power generation; Third, reliability to improve the reliability and security of power supply; The fourth is economic, which realizes the most effective energy management and improves the economic benefits of the power grid through reform and competition regulation. The vision paper, a British power magazine, clearly puts forward the concept of smart grid, that is, to establish a sharing concept so that the European power grid can respond to various challenges and opportunities in the 21st century and generally benefit consumers. The specific contents are as follows: & mdash& mdash; Understand the key and punctual points that industry and beneficiaries will face in the future & mdash& mdash; Analyze what may happen and the technical fields that must be researched and developed in the future & mdash& mdash; Developing and improving policies in the future, namely market liberalization, sustainability and various renewable energy innovation & mdash& mdash; Due to the growth of the market and the shortage of main fuels, energy prices have become more unstable & mdash& mdash; Environmental constraints more closely linked to energy issues use more flexible energy to ensure response to management needs. Chinese experts believe that smart grid is aimed at the power system including power generation, transmission, distribution and power consumption. Through the research and development of new power grid control technology, information technology and management technology and their organic combination, it can realize the intelligent exchange of information in all links from power generation to power consumption, and systematically optimize power production, transmission and use. The main characteristics of smart grid are self-healing, safe, economical and clean, which can provide high-quality power and services to meet the needs of future economic and social development. Self healing -- real-time control of power grid operation status, timely discovery, rapid diagnosis and elimination of hidden faults; With as little human intervention as possible, it can quickly isolate faults and recover itself, avoid large-scale power outage and improve the reliability of power grid operation. Safety - better identify and respond to human or natural disturbances. Ensure the safety of personnel, equipment and power grid under different circumstances such as natural disasters, external damage and computer attacks. Clean - it can not only adapt to the centralized access of large power sources, but also friendly access to distributed generation, so as to achieve & ldquo; Plug and play & rdquo;. Support the large-scale application of wind power, solar energy and other renewable energy to meet the requirements of harmonious development of power, natural environment, economy and society. 2、 Specifically, the development direction of China's smart grid is to build an independent innovation system characterized by informatization, automation, digitization and interaction based on a strong power grid with UHV power grid as the backbone grid and coordinated development of power grids at all levels, and using advanced communication, information and control technologies The strategic development goal of the internationally leading strong smart grid is the first stage from 2009 to 2011, that is, the research pilot stage. The second stage is from 2012 to 2015, that is, the comprehensive construction stage. The third stage is from 2016 to 2020, that is, the stage of improvement and upgrading.

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