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    Beck Tight, a new company belonging to the Beck Industries group, provides tensioning solutions.    This new company, dedicated to hydraulic and mechanical tensioning solutions, provides with its “Optimum” range hydraulic tensioners and hydraulic nuts. This “Optimum” range only has 5 different tensioners which can cover the whole usual range.These tensioners cover a wide range of dimensions:-          Bolting diameter from M27 to M110 and from 1’’ to 4’’ ½-          Pressure from 602 kN to 4071 kN-          Under a max load of 120 MPa    Nevertheless, we can also manufacture tailor made products such as hydraulic tensioners, hydraulic nuts and tension nuts with pressure screws. These tailor made products meet our customers’ specific requirements.    In order to complete our range of tensioning solutions, we propose extension and loosening by induction services.

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