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Explain the wide application of Alstom in smart grid in detail


Alstom / Areva group is one of the three top power energy transmission and distribution system manufacturers in the world. As the leader of global transmission and distribution system, Alstom T & D team provides reliable, efficient, environment-friendly transmission and distribution system products to improve the stability and wide use of power system. Alstom T & D is a leader in the following product lines: disconnectors, HVDC - high voltage direct current, GIS - gas insulated substation, EMS - energy management systems and instrument transformers

SPS aluminum - special products supplies

Alstom grid automation business unit provides utility and industrial and mission critical software systems and equipment required to manage power transmission and distribution grid processes, ensure grid stability, and protect and control substations. Micom Alstom intelligent electronic equipment such as protection relay and measuring equipment Pacis substation automation control system customer support service Beihe company has sold Alstom's following products for many years and can provide more professional technical services for the industry: high voltage switch and distribution board medium voltage switch and distribution board protection relay control board intelligent power protection relay, especially the protection relay is more trusted by the industry. Protection relay engineering tool new micom S1 studio v3.4 overcurrent protection

Micom ALSTOM p14x feeder management relay feed management relay protection relay p12x / y overcurrent protection relay p124 self and dual powered overcurrent relay p139 feeder management and bay control relay feed management and bay control relay mx3a multi fun Action overcurrent relay mx3ipd integrated MV distribution protection

Micom ALSTOM p24x motor management really motor protection relay p220, P225 motor protection relay

Micom ALSTOM p342, p343, p344, p345, p346, p391 generator protection relay mx3dpg generator biased differential protection relay mx3ipg built-in generator protection relay dynamic line rating and relay protection relay

Micom ALSTOM p341 dynamic line rating and interconnection protection relay

MiCOM Alstom P441、 P442、 P444 Distance protection relay距離保護電驛MiCOM Alstom P446、 P443、 P445 Distance protection relay距離保護電驛 差動線及相比較

MiCOM Alstom P54x Line differential relay 差動保護電驛MiCOM Alstom P547 Phase comparision relay 相位比較式/相差保護電驛   MiCOM Alstom P594 GPS synchronizing unit GPS同步保護電驛MiCOM Alstom P59x Interface unit 介面單元MBCI Line differential relay 線路差動保護電驛   MHOR04 Line differential relay 線路差動保護電驛P521 Line differential relay 線路差動保護電驛      變壓器保護和控制

MiCOM Alstom P642、 P643 P645 Transformer protection relay 變壓器保護電驛P63x Transformer protection relay 變壓器保護電驛   KBCH 120、 130、 140 Transformer differential relay 變壓器差動保護電驛KVGC Voltage regulating control relay 電壓調節控制保護電驛MX3DPT Transformer biased differential protection 變壓器極化差動保護電驛   母線差動   MiCOM Alstom P74x Busbar differential relay 母線差動保護電驛   MiCOM Alstom P746 Busbar differential relay母線差動保護電驛斷路器失靈   P821 Circuit breaker fail relay 斷路器失靈保護電驛   網路穩定性MiCOM Alstom P846 Open line protection relay開放線路保護電驛   MiCOM Alstom P847 Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) 相量測量裝置S800 sPDC Substation Phasor Data Concertrator 發變電站相量資料集中器Phasor terminal相終端電壓和頻率MiCOM P94x Voltage and frequency protection relay 電壓和頻率保護電驛MX3V Multifunction overcurrent relay 多功能過電流保護電驛軌道保護P436 and P438 Rail distance protection relay 軌道距離保護電驛高阻抗限制性接地故障和母線保護

MCAG High impedance differential relay 高阻抗差動保護電驛MFAC High impedance differential relay高阻抗差動保護電驛MVTP Buswire supervision realy匯流排線監控保護電驛MX3DVZ Numerial high-impedance busbar protection 數值高阻抗母線保護自動重合及同步檢查MiCOM Alstom P841 Auto-reclose and check synchronising relay 自動重合及同步檢查保護電驛MiCOM Alstom P842 Auto-reclose relay 自動重合保護電驛KAVR Series Auto-reclose and check synchronising relay自動重合及同步檢查保護電驛KAVS Check synchronising relay 同步檢查保護電驛KVTR Auto-reclose relay 自動重合保護電驛MX3EG Synchronisation Control and Autosynchronision 同步控制及自動同步MX3R Autoreclose 自動重合輔助設備、 切斷保護電驛、 計時器MVAA Auxiliary relays 輔助保護電驛MVAJ 05 x 10 x / 20 x Tripping and control relays 跳閘和控制保護電驛MVAJ 11 to 34 Tripping and control relays 跳閘和控制保護電驛MVAX 11 Tripping and interposing supervision relay 跳閘和介入監控保護電驛MVAX 12、 21、 31、 91 Tripping circuit supervision relays 跳閘監控保護電驛MVTT Time delay relay延時保護電驛PRiMA Auxiliary relay 輔助保護電驛   配件MiCOM Alstom P891 Trip/close module 跳閘/關閉模組MMLZ Auxiliary modules 輔助模組通信設備KITZ 101 / KITZ 102 / KITZ 103 Courier interface unit 快遞介面單元KITZ 201/202/204 Courier interface units and protocol converters快遞介面單元和協定轉換器KITZ 274 Courier interface units and protocol convertors快遞介面單元和協定轉換器測試設備

MiCOM Alstom P990 series Test block and test plugs 測試區塊和測試插頭MMLB MMLG Test block and test plugs測試區塊和測試插頭數值變電站IEC 61850 Standard IEC 61850標準Non-Conventional Instrument Transformers (IEC 61850 9.2) 非常規互感器

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