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Schneider Twido PLC position control module
Twido position control module twdpto220dt module is a new member of the small programmable controller Twido family of Schneider Electric. It realizes the independent axis control of servo amplifier by sending pulses. Combined with Schneider Electric Servo Controller lexium23, it is the best solution for OEM motion control, and can also connect third-party servo products. Pulse output characteristics > output quantity: 2 channels, 200kHz for each channel (100kHz for a / B phase) > cable type for normal output: shielded cable; Cable length < 3M > CW, CCW compatibility: RS422 standard output, 7 Ma per pulse output > maximum load current: 20 mA / pulse operating environment index > adaptive operating temperature: 0 & deg; C ~ +55&deg; C> Storage temperature: - 25 & deg; C ~ +70&deg; C> Relative humidity: 5% ~ 95% > altitude: 0 ~ 2000m, imminent mission, each position control module can support 2 channels of 200kHz (100kHz for a / B phase) independent axis control, and each Twido body can expand up to 2 position control modules to realize 4 independent axis motion control, up to 6 basic motion commands, and 6 return to origin modes support standard RS422 differential output, To meet more application needs, the easy-to-use twidosuite software can easily realize programming packaging industry > labeling machine > labeling machine > laminating machine > slicing machine > carton machine & hellip; Machine tool industry > lathe > boring machine > grinder > Woodworking Machinery & hellip; Other industries > Paste crystal machine > PCB production equipment > LED testing equipment > Medical Equipment & hellip;
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