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Schneider frequency converter

Schneider is a famous brand in the world. Schneider frequency converter (Figure 1) Schneider Electric Group is recognized by the world as & ldquo; Energy efficiency management expert & rdquo;. Schneider Electric Group has provided overall solutions for the energy and infrastructure, industry, data center and network, building and residential markets in more than 100 countries. Among them, Schneider Electric Group is a world leader in the energy and infrastructure, industrial process control, building automation, data center and network and has strong market capacity in the field of residential applications, Committed to providing customers with safe, reliable and efficient energy. Atv11 series Schneider atv11 series is mainly used for three-phase asynchronous motor frequency converter. The power range of Schneider frequency converter (Fig. 2) is 0.18 to 2.2 kW. Atv11 performance description 1. Speed adjustment through flux vector control; 2. The speed range is 1 to 20; 3. Frequency converter and motor protection; 4. Strong and durable, even in the harsh environment of - 10 to + 50 ℃; 5. Wiring and connection through the use of tie down screws: easy to replace electromechanical solutions; 6. Compact structure, can be installed side by side; 7. Able to use DIN rail installation; 8. Integrated class B EMC filter or can be used as an option; 9. The frequency converter has extremely low leakage current. Schneider frequency converter (Fig. 3) is compatible with 30 Ma differential circuit breaker to ensure personnel safety; 10. The base plate mounting version can be used. Atv11 product advantage 1. Simple and exquisite performance; 2. The high performance and compact shape of atv11 make the electromechanical solution a distant memory; 3. Designed for maximum simplicity, with direct start, user-friendly adjustment and fast routing, it integrates all the features necessary for use around the world. Atv11 application scope 1. Conveyor, garage door, elevator door, automatic parking fence, inspection counter, etc; 2. Grinding machine, drilling machine, training equipment, rolling display device, telescopic cover and surface machine, etc. Atv12 series Schneider inverter is used for three-phase asynchronous motors with power range of 0.18kw to 4kw. Schneider frequency converter (Figure 4) atv12 Schneider frequency converter has the characteristics of easy installation (based on plug and play principle), compact structure, integration of multiple functions and optional base version, which makes it especially suitable for simple industrial machinery or some civil equipment. Atv12 performance description 1. Control mode: voltage / frequency ratio, sensorless flux vector control, energy saving ratio; 2. Integrated C1 grade EMC filter; 3. Standard Modbus communication; 4. Quick start without setting; 5. Parameters can be set without power on in the package; 6. The widest working temperature range: - 10 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃, no capacity reduction, up to + 60 ℃; 7. Super braking capacity: 70% of the rated torque of the motor can be achieved without braking resistance; 8. All coating, adapt to all kinds of harsh environment; 9. The quality is excellent, and the components are designed according to the service life of 10 years. Atv12 has four advantages: dexterous and exquisite, first-class performance, convenient operation, stability and reliability. Schneider frequency converter (Figure 5) is a perfect solution for simple industrial machinery and civil equipment. Atv12 application scope 1. Packaging machinery 2. Printing machinery 3. Small material handling equipment 4. Textile machinery 5. Medical and health fields 6. Small fan and pump applications 7. Other atv12 functions (mixer, washing machine, etc.) in addition to some common functions, atv12 frequency converter also has the following functions: 1 It can switch between local control and terminal control 2. Motor control mode standard high performance and fan pump 3. Frequency hopping 4. Preset speed 5. PID regulator 6. S-shaped slope U-shaped slope switching 7. Free stop fast stop 8. Inching operation 9. Set logic input and output and analog input and output 10. Under load and overload protection 11 The status of logic input 12, setting parameter display mode 13, fault record, etc. can be viewed on the frequency converter display screen. Atv21 series Schneider frequency converter atv21 series variable torque frequency converter Schneider frequency converter (Figure 6) is mainly used for three-phase asynchronous motor (power range 0.75 to 75 kW) frequency converter of HVAC in buildings. Atv21 performance description 1. UL type 1 / IP20 and IP54, power up to 75 kW; 2. Speed range: 1:50; 3. Overload: 110% - 60 s; 4. Integrated class A or class B EMC filter; 5. Main communication buses used in the construction market: LonWorks, Metasys N2, BACnet and topology FLN; 6. Comply with international standards and certification: CE, UL, CSA, c-tick; 7、&ldquo; Volume reduction & rdquo; Technology: immediate operation without harmful effects, harmonic treatment without additional skills: THDi < 30%; 8. The adaptation of slope and motor control power supply can optimize energy consumption; 9. Its remote terminal enhances its functions: function setting, configuration and parameter downloading and saving; 10. Compact structure, can be installed side by side; 11. Motor and frequency converter protection; 12. Economical design. Atv21 product advantages 1. It is open to major building communication networks; 2. Economical design, compact structure, designed to meet your needs. Application scope of atv21 1. This series is dedicated to building HVAC applications; 2. All functions necessary for variable torque pump and fan application: PI regulator, preset PI; Automatic restart, which can be recovered during operation; Frequency jump; Belt breakage detection; Overload detection and underload detection. Basic features of ATV61 series: ATV61 Schneider frequency converter is widely used in pumps and fans in industrial and construction markets: superior performance, advanced function and high-performance variable torque. Application fan of ATV61: safety with forced function (fault prohibition, selection of travel direction and reference speed). Multi pump: by using a programmable multi pump card, Altivar 61 can be flexible, user-friendly and adaptive in managing multiple pumps. Pumps: necessary functions for device under load protection, overload protection and fluid loss detection protection. Atv312 series Schneider frequency converter is used for 200 & mdash; with a power range of 0.18 to 15 kW; 600 V three-phase asynchronous motor. Atv312 Schneider frequency converter has the characteristics of strong function, compact structure and easy installation. Its integrated multiple functions make it especially suitable for simple industrial machinery applications. In the product design stage, the relevant constraints in installation and use are fully considered, so as to provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for manufacturers and installers of simple machines. Using various optional communication cards, atv312 frequency converter can be perfectly integrated into the main control system architecture. Atv312 performance description 1. Built in modubs and CANopen protocol, providing CANopen daisy chain, PROFIBUS DP and DeviceNet; 2. New user interface, support Chinese operation panel; 3. Provide simple and multifunctional downloader to facilitate parameter configuration; 4. It is fully coated to adapt to various harsh environments, and the top of the frequency converter is provided with IP41 protection grade; 5. Modular design of detachable terminals, saving cost and convenient installation; 6. Maximum withstand voltage at the same level, standard voltage fluctuation - 15% ~ 10%, allowable voltage drop 50%; 7. M2 and N4 built-in EMC filter; 8. The widest operating temperature is - 10 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃ without capacity reduction, up to + 60 ℃; 9. Super strong output characteristics, built-in braking unit, over torque to 170% ~ 200%; 10. Install side by side to save space. Advantages of atv312 1. More communication compatibility and more friendly human-computer interaction; 2. Rich application functions and excellent environmental adaptability. Application scope of atv312 various functions of atv312 frequency converter are applicable to many conventional applications, including: 1. Material handling (small conveyor, crane, etc.) 2. Packaging machine (small bag making machine, labeling machine, etc.) 3. General machine (machine tool, textile machinery, etc.) 4. Pump, compressor Fan ATV61 / 71 series ATV61 / 71plus standard cabinet frequency converter includes ATV61 / 71 frequency converter, circuit breaker, DC reactor, motor terminal and cabinet door installation operation panel, which integrates a variety of functions suitable for lifting, material conveying, pump control and other applications. It adopts the unique IP54 dual channel exhaust cabinet design of Schneider Electric & mdash; The power part and control part adopt independent cooling circuit, which not only effectively ensures good ventilation and heat dissipation, but also helps the equipment better resist high dust and high pollution environment. In addition, its main electrical control technology inherits the mature design of ATV61 / 71, perfectly integrates high performance with advanced functional creativity, while maintaining a friendly man-machine interface and operation mode, with excellent performance; The embedded DC reactor effectively protects the frequency converter from the influence of high-order harmonic current and overload, and reduces the harmonic interference to the power grid. ATV61 / 71plus standard cabinet inverter 400V voltage series has a maximum power of 630kw. It has obtained many international standard certifications such as CE, UL, CSA and c-tick, and has been successfully applied in many industries such as steel mills, power plants, coking plants, petroleum refineries, mining and so on.

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