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Xgn15-12 (f)?box type fixed indoor AC metal enclosed switchgear

1、 Overview SF6 gas has strong electronegativity, high dielectric strength, and the insulation strength is 2-3 times that of air. It is non-toxic, tasteless, non combustible and non explosive. It has excellent arc extinguishing and insulation performance, so that the load switch can quickly extinguish the arc after breaking the current. Therefore, the switchgear using SF6 gas as the insulation medium has compact internal structure design, small volume and saves space and resources. SF6 ring network cabinet has the characteristics of simple structure, flexible operation and reliable interlocking. It can provide satisfactory technical solutions for various applications and different user requirements. The application of sensing technology and the latest microcomputer protection device, coupled with advanced technical performance and light and flexible assembly scheme, can fully meet the changing requirements of the market. Xgn15-12 (f) and xgn15-12 (F & bull; R) box type fixed indoor AC metal enclosed switchgear (hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; Switchgear & rdquo;) are used in ring network power supply or radiant power supply system with rated voltage of 12kV and rated current of 630A and below. It is especially suitable to be installed in prefabricated substation as control and protection of power system. Xgn15-12 ring main unit is a new generation of medium voltage switchgear with sulfur hexafluoride load switch as power branch, and the whole cabinet adopts air insulation. Fln36-12d sulfur hexafluoride load switch or flrn36-12d sulfur hexafluoride load switch with insulating shell & mdash; Fuse combined apparatus has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, simple operation, light operation force, reliable interlocking and maintenance free. It is a new generation of medium voltage switchgear required for the transformation and construction of urban power grid. 2、 Reference standards this product of our factory meets the following standards: GB3906 3 ~ 35kV AC metal enclosed switchgear, GB / t11022 common technical requirements for standards of high voltage switchgear and control equipment, iec60298 AC metal enclosed switchgear and control equipment with rated voltage above 1kV and below 50kV, and DL / t404 technical conditions for refusal of order of indoor AC high voltage switches. 4、 Overall structure 1. The ring main cabinet is composed of shell, load switch, grounding switch, instrument room, bus and other electrical components and auxiliary components. The load switch is arranged at the middle and upper part of the shell, and the shell is assembled after being folded by aluminum zinc coated steel plate. Each compartment is separated by steel plate to avoid the fault part affecting the adjacent compartment. The protection grade of box shell is IP3X. 2. The front of the ring main cabinet is equipped with SF6 gas pressure gauge to monitor the change of gas pressure inside the load switch. When the product is used, the SF6 rated gas pressure is 0.04MPa (pressure). 3. The three-phase arrangement of the ring main cabinet is arranged according to the longitudinal structure, and the three-phase bus connection between the cabinets is more convenient. 4. The instrument room is located at the upper part of the ring main cabinet, which can be equipped with ammeter, voltmeter, transfer switch, indicator light and other components, and the terminal strip of the secondary circuit can be installed at the bottom of the instrument room. 5. The cabinet is equipped with lighting device.

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