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Mnq low voltage withdrawable complete switchgear

1、 Overview mnq is a modular and multifunctional low-voltage distribution cabinet. It is used in all low-voltage systems requiring high reliability in the fields of metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, industrial and mining enterprises and infrastructure: power distribution and motor control system. The cabinet structure adopted by mnq is highly flexible. Various types and specifications of components can be installed in the cabinet according to your needs or different use occasions. According to different electrical equipment, various types of feed units can be installed in the same cabinet or in the same cabinet. For example, the feed circuit and motor control circuit can be mixed together. Mnq is a full range of low-voltage switchgear, which can meet all-round needs and is applicable to all low-voltage systems below 4000A. Mnq can provide a high level of reliability and security. Humanized design strengthens the protection required for personal and equipment safety. Mnq is a fully assembled structure. Its unique profile structure, connection mode and compatibility with various components can meet the requirements of harsh construction period and power supply continuity. II Reference standard ies439-1 low voltage switchgear and control equipment gb156-80 rated voltage gb10609.1-89 technical drawing title block gb2681-81 conductor color in electrical equipment gb2900.18-82 electrical terminology gb762-80 rated current of electrical equipment gb4025-83 color of indicator light and button in electrical equipment gb4026-83 identification and word of electrical wiring terminal General rules for wiring terminals marked with female digital symbols gb3047.1-82 basic dimension series of panel, frame and frame gb4205-83 operation standard movement direction of control electrical equipment gb4942.2-85 protection grade of low voltage electrical enclosure gb7251-87 low voltage switchgear gb9466-88 low voltage switchgear Basic test method zbk36001-89 low voltage withdrawable switchgear III In order to facilitate equipment installation and on-site construction, a special cable channel is set in the distribution cabinet with corresponding cable fasteners. Each position of the drawer unit shall be accurately positioned and clearly indicated, and each position can be locked with up to 3 padlocks. The drawer unit is directly connected with & ldquo; L” V-type vertical bus movable plug-in, simple and reliable. The special profile structure and connection mode ensure the strength of the cabinet. The overall dimension of the device is (mm) height: 2200 width & times; Depth: 1000 & times; 1000   800× 1000   1000× 800   800× 800   400× 1000        400× 800   1000× 600   800× six hundred

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