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GGD low voltage fixed AC distribution cabinet 02

1、 Overview GGD low voltage fixed AC distribution cabinet is suitable for power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises and other power users. It is used as power conversion, distribution and control of power, lighting and distribution equipment in the distribution system with AC 50Hz, rated working voltage of 380V and rated current of 3150A. The product has high breaking capacity and rated short-time withstand current of 50kA. The line has the characteristics of flexible scheme, convenient combination, strong practicability and novel structure. II Reference standard ies439-1 low voltage switchgear and control equipment gb156-80 rated voltage gb10609.1-89 technical drawing title bar gb2681-81 conductor color in electrical equipment gb2900.18-82 electrical terminology gb762-80 rated current of electrical equipment gb4025-83 color of indicator light and button in electrical equipment gb4026-83 electrical wiring Terminal identification and alphanumeric symbol marking general rules for wiring terminals gb3047.1-82 basic dimension series of panel, frame and frame gb4205-83 operation standard movement direction of control electrical equipment gb4942.2-85 protection grade of low voltage electrical enclosure gb7251-87 low voltage switchgear gb9466-88 Basic test methods for low voltage switchgear IV Overall structure the cabinet body of GGD type AC low-voltage distribution complete switchgear adopts the form of general cabinet, and the cabinet frame is assembled with C profile. The cabinet frame parts and special supporting parts are produced and supplied by the company to ensure the accuracy and quality of the cabinet body. The parts of the general cabinet are designed according to the module principle, and have 20 module mounting holes, with high general coefficient. It can make the factory realize pre production, which not only shortens the production cycle, but also improves the work efficiency. The heat dissipation during cabinet operation shall be fully considered in the design of GGD cabinet. There are different numbers of heat dissipation slots at the upper and lower ends of the cabinet. When the electrical components in the cabinet heat up, the heat rises and is discharged through the upper slot, and the cold air is continuously supplemented into the cabinet from the lower slot, so that the sealed cabinet body forms a natural ventilation channel from bottom to top to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation. GGD cabinet adopts the golden section ratio method to design the cabinet shape and the division size of each part according to the requirements of modern process product modeling design, so as to make the whole cabinet beautiful and generous. The cabinet door is connected with the frame with a rotating shaft movable hinge, which is convenient for installation and disassembly. A mountain rubber strip is embedded at the folding edge of the door. When closing the door, the strip between the door and the frame has a certain compression stroke, which can prevent the direct collision between the door and the cabinet and improve the protection grade of the door. The instrument door equipped with electrical components is connected with the frame with multi strand soft copper wire. The mounting parts in the cabinet are connected with the frame with knurled washers, and the whole cabinet forms a complete grounding protection system. The cabinet surface is treated by pre-treatment coating powder spraying process. It has strong adhesion and good texture. The whole cabinet is in matte tone, avoiding glare effect and creating a more comfortable visual environment for the personnel on duty. The top cover of the cabinet can be removed when necessary to facilitate the assembly and adjustment of the main bus on site. Lifting rings are installed at the four corners of the cabinet top for lifting and shipping.

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