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GGQ low voltage withdrawable complete switchgear

1、 Overview this technical specification is applicable to GCQ type low voltage draw out switchgear (hereinafter referred to as the device) used indoors with rated working voltage of 380V, frequency of 50Hz and rated current of 4000A. The device is used for power distribution, conversion and motor control in low-voltage distribution system. This technical specification specifies the requirements for service conditions, rating, structure and performance, type test and delivery test of the device. The technical conditions do not involve elements in the device. For devices for special purposes, in addition to meeting the provisions of the technical conditions, items with special requirements shall be negotiated with the manufacturer. II Reference standard ies439-1 low voltage switchgear and control equipment gb156-80 rated voltage gb10609.1-89 technical drawing title block gb2681-81 conductor color in electrical equipment gb2900.18-82 electrical terminology gb762-80 rated current of electrical equipment gb4025-83 color of indicator light and button in electrical equipment gb4026-83 identification and word of electrical wiring terminal General rules for wiring terminals marked with female digital symbols gb3047.1-82 basic dimension series of panel, frame and frame gb4205-83 operation standard movement direction of control electrical equipment gb4942.2-85 protection grade of low voltage electrical enclosure gb7251-87 low voltage switchgear gb9466-88 low voltage switchgear Basic test method zbk36001-89 low voltage withdrawable switchgear

4、 The cabinet frame of the overall structure device is an assembled structure, and the frame and parts are connected without screws. The frame and shell shall have sufficient strength and stiffness, and shall be able to bear the mechanical stress and electric force caused by the installation of components and short circuit. At the same time, the safety of the device shall not be affected by the hoisting and transportation of the device. The protection grade of the device shell is 1p30 and 1p40.

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