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AE modular terminal combination
  • Ae-cpz301 terminal power distribution box can be divided into concealed and exposed. It is suitable for terminal power distribution circuits with AC 50Hz, voltage 220V or 380V and total current below 125A. 9mm module electrical appliances can be combined arbitrarily and assembled on th35-7.5 standard guide roller. It has various protection functions such as anti leakage, electric shock, short circuit overload and so on. The box body is made of 1.0mm cold-rolled steel plate after bending and welding, galvanized or plastic sprayed. Zero row and ground row are set in the box, with convenient wiring and luxurious appearance. The cover is made of anti ultraviolet ABS plastic, with high strength, no discoloration, high safety and beautiful appearance.

    The protection grade of the product shell is IP41, which can prevent 1mm solid foreign matters from entering and touching the live parts, and the vertical dripping of water will not bring harmful effects.

    Cpz301 series terminal combined apparatus shall comply with gb7251.3, iec60439-3 and other standards. Its temperature rise, dielectric properties, electrical clearance, creepage distance and short-circuit protection capacity meet the relevant requirements of gb7251.3 and other standards.

    The main circuit is connected by copper bar. Or when the main electrical parts are configured according to the electrical drawings required by the user, the main switch and the branch copper bar are connected with multi strand conductors and cold pressed joints, and the cross section of the connecting conductor meets the provisions of gb7251.3.

    Products can be supplied to the market according to standard finished products or boxes and covers, or complete sets of production devices can be configured according to users' needs to serve users.

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