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Aemds series power distribution box

The internal outgoing circuit of ae-mds series power distribution box adopts ABB Isomax s series molded case circuit breaker. Because the switch is directly connected with the main bus bar, the structure is more compact, the box volume is reduced, and the installation is convenient. The box is made of 1.5mm high-quality electrolytic steel plate with antirust treatment. The whole box is electrostatically sprayed with epoxy resin, and the color is ral7032 light gray white. The conductor inside the box shall be tinned copper bar with high strength and high conductivity in accordance with GB7251 and bs1433 standards. The strong busbar insulation clamp makes the rated short-circuit withstand current of the main busbar up to 50kA / 1s, which is safe and reliable. It is also guaranteed by IS09002 to ensure its long-term quality stability in the production process. The technical indicators meet the requirements of national and international standards. Therefore, MDS series is widely used in industrial and mineral enterprises, civil buildings, high-rise buildings, hospitals, squares, stations, cultural and sports facilities, residential and other modern buildings.

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