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Porcelain bushing outdoor terminal

127 / 220kV porcelain bushing outdoor terminal porcelain bushing outdoor terminal is a traditional outdoor terminal with stable and reliable operation. The porcelain bushing adopts high-strength electric porcelain, which has good pollution resistance and is easy to clean and maintain; It is applicable to the connection of outdoor terminals of XLPE insulated power cables with rated voltage of 127 / 220kV and nominal section of 240-2500mm2. It can operate in coastal and highly polluted areas with ambient temperature of - 40 ℃ to + 40 ℃. The insulation level, current carrying capacity, operating temperature and other properties of the terminal can fully meet the operation requirements of the cable system. The porcelain bushing adopts high-strength electric porcelain and large and small umbrella structure, and the climbing distance design is more reasonable, which is easy to clean and maintain ※ the main body of the stress cone is prefabricated with imported silicone rubber, and the field strength distribution is more reasonable through finite element software analysis and calculation ※ the spring compression device is used to keep the pressure between the stress cone and the insulation of the cable constant, and the stress cone is completely isolated from the insulation filler, Ensure the interface pressure between the stress cone and the cable of the accessories under long-term operation conditions, avoid the problem of accelerating the aging of the stress cone due to the immersion of the prefabricated stress cone in the insulating filler, and improve the service life, safety and reliability of the terminal ※ the ceramic sleeve is filled with high viscosity silicone insulating filler with excellent performance, which is packed in portable cans, Easy to operate ※ the product adopts fully sealed structure, and the exposed parts are treated with anti-corrosion treatment to effectively prevent corrosion and oxidation of parts and ensure long-term operation ※ it is equipped with intelligent on-line monitoring device for on-line condition monitoring of temperature and partial discharge.

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