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Zae-f10 series combined transformer for wind power generation

Zgs-f / 10 series combined transformer for wind power generation (hereinafter referred to as combined transformer), whose structure is & ldquo; Product & rdquo; The transformer is closely connected with the high-voltage and low-voltage equipment. Among them, the three sides of the transformer are exposed in the air, with good heat dissipation conditions, and can be separated from the shell of the high-voltage and low-voltage equipment, which is convenient for maintenance and overhaul. The transformer adopts chip oil tank, S11 series oil immersed transformer without oil conservator, fully enclosed, high and low voltage bushing, tap changer, oil level indication, pressure drain valve, oil drain valve, etc. They are all installed on the end plate of the body in the high-pressure cabin, and the position is reasonable and convenient for observation and operation. The high-voltage compartment and low-voltage compartment are separated by steel plates. The high-voltage compartment, low-voltage compartment and transformer are relatively independent and maintain a complete box transformer as a whole, with compact structure, small volume and light weight.

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