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Ae-yb27-12 series prefabricated substation

1. Fully insulated, fully sealed, maintenance free and reliable to ensure personal safety; 2. The structure is compact and the volume is only 1,3 & mdash; 1,5; The height is only 1.5, not blocking the line of sight; 3. The box structure is adopted to avoid oil pollution in the transformer oil tank; 4. The high voltage side adopts double fuse full range protection, which greatly reduces the cost; 5. It can be used for ring network or terminal, and the cable head can be quickly plugged and unplugged at 200A load current; 6. The box body adopts honeycomb double sandwich composite plate, which has the function of temperature isolation and heat dissipation; 7. An undervoltage controller can be installed at the low-voltage side to quickly cut off the load at the low-voltage side in case of abnormal voltage in the system: 8. The oil immersed load switch or SF6 load switch at the high-voltage side can be upgraded automatically to lay a foundation for distribution network automation.

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