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Zbw □?-?40.5 combined substation

Zbw combined substation is a complete set of products integrating voltage switchgear, transformer and low-voltage distribution equipment. As the power transformation and distribution equipment of urban buildings, living quarters, small and medium-sized factories, mines and oil fields, it has the characteristics of strong completeness, small volume, compact structure, high reliability, small on-site installation workload, short installation height cycle, and movable. Appropriately changing its appearance and color to adapt to the environment can also beautify the environment. It is an alternative product of urban and rural civil power transformation and distribution stations and a new complete set of equipment for urban power network construction and transformation. This product is composed of 40.5kV side and 12kV side Outdoor Switchgear. It is generally applicable to cities, towns, factories, oil fields and other places. It is also applicable to some large construction sites for receiving, converting and distributing electric energy. It has the characteristics of strong complete set, small floor area, convenient installation, low cost, high degree of comprehensive automation, safe and reliable operation, etc.

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