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Compact switching station
In the process of continuous transformation and construction of urban power grid, a large number of overhead lines in the city are replaced by cable lines, and the column switches are replaced by switchgear. How to solve the contradiction between the land use of switchgear and municipal environmental planning has become increasingly prominent in many cities. The compact switching station is designed and developed by our company. It is mainly composed of SF6 gas fully insulated full compact switchgear and metal shell. It occupies a small area and is easy to coordinate the surrounding environment, which solves the land use problem of the power supply department. The outdoor switchyard is easy to load, and all high-voltage live parts of distribution automation switchgear are enclosed in SF6 gas insulated stainless steel box, without condensation problem and affected by dirty environment; The protection grade of the room is high; Good ventilation; Simple installation, loved by the majority of power supply departments. This product can be placed on both sides of the street, residential areas, urban green belts and other centralized power consumption areas. Box structure 1. Box material of outdoor switchyard: the outdoor switchyard adopts stainless steel plate, its frame adopts 2.0mm thick stainless steel plate, and the door, panel and roof adopt 1.5mm thick stainless steel plate. 2. Outdoor switchyard box components: frame, front opposite door, left / right door (only 1854mm deep as standard configuration), rear baffle, roof, switch cabinet support, switch cabinet fixing plate, cable fixing frame, rainproof door lock, fixed lifting lug for transportation, etc. 3. Box structure features A. all box materials are made of stainless steel plate, which has strong corrosion resistance; The box parts are sheet metal components, which are riveted or bolted to each other without easy deformation welding; Light weight, beautiful and generous. B. There are no fasteners on the surface of the box for disassembly, with good anti-theft performance; The box has ip33 protection grade and good rainproof performance. C. The top cover is an air sandwich double-layer structure with air vents; The air inlet is set at the panel of the box and is equipped with a detachable dust filter screen; The air outlet is set at the top of the box and hidden under the eaves to form air convection from top to bottom, so that the box has good heat insulation and ventilation effect; The top cover has a drainage inclination of 3 degrees. D. The box body is provided with a sealed floor at the cable inlet to prevent moisture in the cable trench from entering the box body. E. The door and lifting lug are sealed with sealing strips; According to the needs of users, the side door can be designed as open type; The door lock is rain proof structure; When the door is opened, the limited pull hook makes the door easy to fix. F. The switch installed in the box is a fully sealed structure of SF6 ring main cabinet, without heater and condensation problem; The cable head is waterproof, touchable and not afraid of immersion.
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