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AE_ DFK series outdoor switching station

Functional features 1. The prefabricated live touchable silicone rubber cable head is adopted, which is fully sealed, fully insulated, maintenance free and reliable to ensure personal safety; 2. Compact structure, compact and beautiful appearance, stainless steel double-layer box, with a service life of more than 20 years; 3. On the premise of not affecting the operation of the main network, realize regional power outage maintenance and reduce the scope of power outage; 4. One or more SF6 load switches can be equipped. The wiring mode is flexible and diverse, and the branch outgoing line can reach 8 circuits at most; 5. Optional lightning arrester, short circuit fault indicator, current limiting fuse, etc. to meet various requirements of users. The scope of application is widely used in urban power grid transformation, residential quarters, commercial centers and other densely populated urban areas.

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