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Hzw13-40.5 series outdoor AC high voltage isolation vacuum load switch

Hzw13-40.5/1250-25 outdoor high-voltage isolated vacuum load switch (hereinafter referred to as load switch) is a new generation of high-voltage electrical products developed by our company. After strict type test and long-term trial operation assessment, all technical performance indexes meet gb3804 and IE standards. It is suitable for the power supply network with rated voltage of 40.5kV and rated frequency of 50Hz, which can disconnect the load current, It can also disconnect the capacitive current of overhead lines, cable lines and capacitor banks at a certain distance. It has the functions of splitting, isolation, connection and switching. It is suitable for urban power network, rural power network, railway, petrochemical and other overhead distribution lines. The load switch has the advantages of large breaking capacity, safety and reliability, long service life, frequent operation and less maintenance.

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