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FZ (R)?n21-12 series indoor AC high voltage vacuum load switch (fuse combination)

FZ (R) n21-12 (d) / t125-31.5 indoor AC high voltage vacuum load switch fuse combination (hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; combination & rdquo;) is applicable to the power system with AC 50Hz and rated voltage of 10kV. It is used to disconnect load current, overload current and short-circuit current, especially for oil-free Places without maintenance and frequent operation and control and protection of ring network power supply unit and terminal power supply transformer. The performance of this product meets the requirements of gb16926-97 AC high voltage load switch fuse combination and iec420 AC high voltage load switch fuse combination. This product has the advantages of large breaking capacity, safety and reliability, long electrical life, frequent operation and basically no maintenance. At the same time, it has obvious isolation fracture and grounding knife with closing ability. It is equipped with electric spring operating mechanism and has remote control ability. 2. Service environmental conditions 2.1 altitude: no more than 2000m; 2.2 ambient temperature: - 25 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ (storage and transportation allowed at - 30 ℃) 2.3 relative humidity: daily average value shall not be greater than 95%; The monthly average value shall not be greater than 90%; 2.4 places without fire, explosion hazard, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and severe.

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