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Fn3-12 (R)?series indoor high voltage load switch (fuse combination)

1. Fn3-10, fn3-10r and fn3-10r / 3 load heads are high-voltage appliances of high-voltage devices of indoor devices. It is applicable to AC 50Hz, 6kV or 10kV networks for breaking and closing load and overload currents. It can also be used to open and close no-load long lines. Switch of no-load transformer and capacitor. The load switch (fn3-10r, fn3-10r / s) with RN3 fuse can cut off the short circuit breaker and be used as a protective switch. 2. The load switch can be operated by CS3 and CS2 manual operating mechanisms. 2、 Working conditions the load switch is applicable to the following working environment: 1. The altitude shall not exceed 1000m; 2. The ambient air temperature shall not be higher than + 40 ℃ and not lower than - 10 ℃. 3. Indoor places with air relative humidity not greater than 90% (when the temperature is + 25 ℃); 4. In the environment without conductive dust; 5. No corrosive gas objects damaging metal and insulation; 6. Places without violent vibration and impact; 7. In an environment without combustion and explosion hazards.

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