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Outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker ZW8-12 series

Overview ZW8-12 series outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is a high voltage outdoor switchgear with rated voltage of 12kV and three-phase AC 50Hz, which is mainly used to open and close the load current, overload current and short-circuit current of rural power network, urban power network and small power system. The overall structure of the product is three-phase common box type. The three-phase vacuum arc extinguishing chamber is placed in the metal box, and the SMC insulator material is used for phase to phase insulation and ground insulation, with reliable performance and high insulation strength. Zw8-12g is a combination of ZW8-12 circuit breaker and disconnector, which is called combined circuit breaker. It can be used as a breaking switch or its own power supply. It has built-in Pt and external Pt. The operating mechanism of this series of products is ct23 spring operating mechanism, which is divided into electric and manual. Cooperating with intelligent controller, the product can realize reclosing, dual power supply switching, current protection and other functions, and realize distribution network automation.

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