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Indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker zn39-40.5 series


Zn39-40.5 series indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is an indoor high voltage distribution device with three-phase AC 50Hz and rated voltage of 40.5kV. It is matched with jyn1-35 and GBC-35 switchgear. The product meets the requirements of GB1984 AC high voltage circuit breaker. Supporting products include: isolation handcart and Pt handcart, etc. The circuit breaker adopts air insulation. The circuit breaker meets the requirements of air distance and climbing distance under normal operation conditions. The overall layout is reasonable, the structure is stable and the installation and adjustment is convenient. The operating mechanism adopts electromagnetic mechanism CD10 or spring mechanism ct19n. The circuit breaker has a set of interlocking device, which is used together with the switchgear, and adopts the forced mechanical locking mode to meet the switchgear & ldquo; Five prevention & rdquo; Functional requirements.

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