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Outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker zw7-40.5 series

Overview zw7-40.5 outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is used for outdoor high voltage electrical equipment with AC 50Hz and voltage of 40.5kV. The spring operating mechanism or electromagnetic mechanism is attached, which can remotely control the electric opening and closing, or manually store energy, manually open and close. The design performance meets the requirements of national standard GB1984 AC high voltage circuit breaker. And meet the requirements of iec-60056 AC high voltage circuit breaker and IEC standards. Zw7-40.5 series outdoor high voltage direct air circuit breaker. It is mainly used for the control and protection of outdoor 35kV Power Transmission and transformation system, as well as the normal operation and short-circuit protection of urban and rural power grids and industrial and mining enterprises. The overall structure of the product is porcelain bottle pillar type; The upper porcelain bottle is equipped with a straight air arc extinguishing chamber, and the lower porcelain bottle is a pillar porcelain bottle. It is suitable for places with frequent operation. It also has the advantages of good sealing, aging resistance, high pressure resistance, no combustion, no explosion, long service life and convenient installation and protection. With the protection box, the complete negative cutting protection function can be realized. With the intelligent controller, the distribution network automation can be realized.

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