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High voltage vacuum circuit breaker

1、 Overview ZW □ CL & mdash; 12 series outdoor high voltage intelligent vacuum circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) is an outdoor high voltage switchgear with phase AC 50Hz and rated voltage of 12kV. ZW□Cl— 12 series outdoor high voltage intelligent vacuum circuit breaker is a new type of Outdoor Switchgear independently developed by Xigao power group company. The intelligent series vacuum circuit breaker has the functions of inrush current, overcurrent, quick break protection, small current grounding protection and voltage loss protection. The remote controller can be used for remote opening and closing control. The combined key mode can prevent remote misoperation. The control module is controlled by the microcontroller with the best performance, which has the characteristics of high precision, high stability, strong anti-interference ability and low internal power consumption. According to the user's requirements, it can cooperate with the corresponding controller to form AC high-voltage vacuum auto recloser, automatic sectionalizer and operation power supply, which are provided by built-in voltage transformer. It is an ideal equipment to realize distribution network automation. 2、 Operating environmental conditions 1. Ambient air temperature: upper limit + 40 degrees, lower limit - 30 degrees; 2. The altitude shall not exceed 2000m; 3. The wind pressure shall not exceed 700pa (corresponding to the wind speed of 34m / s); 4. The seismic intensity shall not exceed 8 degrees; 5. Pollution level: level IV; 6. Maximum daily temperature difference: no more than 25 degrees; 7. Relative humidity: daily average not more than 95%, monthly average not more than 90%; 8. Places without flammability, explosion hazard, chemical corrosion and violent vibration. 3、 Ordering instructions 1. Product name, model, rated current, rated voltage and rated breaking current; 2. Rated operating voltage and rated voltage of energy storage motor; 3. Current ratio and accuracy level of the equipped current transformer; 4. Material and color of box shell; 5. For remote functions, submit the communication network category and select the corresponding interface; 6. If there are other special requirements, negotiate when ordering.

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