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Power economizer

Qjd-s series power economizer, based on the principle of electromagnetic balance technology, aims at the chronic diseases such as system voltage imbalance, neutral point drift and high-order harmonics caused by the nonlinear load of three-phase four wire low-voltage power supply network, adopts new technologies and materials for scientific and reasonable treatment, effectively improves power quality, reduces energy consumption and comprehensively saves 10-25%. According to users in various fields and different load properties (such as light textile, chemical industry, metallurgy, medium frequency furnace, rectifier, welding equipment, computer, etc.), targeted personalized design is carried out to meet the needs of users. It is of great positive significance for advocating an energy-saving and environment-friendly society, alleviating energy shortage and limiting power supply. Product features 1 qjd-s series power economizer has no mechanical transmission components, so there is no mechanical vibration and electromagnetic noise. 2 qjd-s series power economizer has no electronic components, IC circuit devices and mechanical wear, and has high reliability. 3 qjd-s series power economizer adopts Nomex aromatic polyamide paper as the main insulation, VPI vacuum pressure impregnation and high temperature curing structure. The insulation material grade is h, and the temperature can be resistant to 180 ℃. Through the selection of high-quality ferromagnetic materials, insulating materials and good production technology, the service life of the product can be guaranteed to be more than 30 years. 4. The subject has obtained the national patent

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