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Landscape buried substation

With the acceleration of urban and rural modernization, urban planning, expressway and public facilities have higher and higher requirements for power equipment. The application of buried distribution transformer that can meet the above fields will also become the trend of urban distribution network equipment transformation in our country. This has been clearly reflected in a large number of countries in Europe and the United States. For the current domestic situation, the most suitable occasions for the use of buried substations are: densely populated central urban areas, streets, highways, bridges, tunnels, parking lots, airports, ports, tourist attractions, villas, garden communities, etc. because they are installed in basements or pits, they do not occupy the surface area after installation, do not affect the view, and ensure reliable power supply. ZGS11-Z• D series buried transformer passed the special test, type test and IP68 protection grade test tested by Shenyang National Transformer Testing Center in September 2003. ZGSZ11-Z• D series landscape buried substation also passed the inspection of Wuhan State Grid Electric Power Research Institute in July 2009. Its special test, type test and other indicators meet the relevant national standards and have been put on the market. The buried transformer is divided into two parts: above ground and underground. Its body is installed in the pit constructed of concrete without occupying the surface space. The buried transformer and tank cover are equipped with high-voltage sleeve well and low-voltage terminal, high-voltage load switch and backup fuse, plug-in lightning arrester, pressure release valve, vacuum pressure gauge, temperature control and oil level indication, These accessories can be observed and operated on the ground. The oil tank is made of stainless steel, fully sealed structure and closed welding structure along the tank edge to minimize the sealing area and can operate safely for a long time in a special environment on the ground. The ground part of the buried transformer is a mixed structure integrating billboards and low-voltage switch boxes. The interior of the box is a low-voltage distribution box, and the two sides are neon box billboards. It can be used for public service advertisements, traffic guides, road information, etc., with excellent visual effect. Product features 1. It is suitable for urban environment (installed in basement or cellar), especially for densely populated central cities. 2. It is suitable for lighting and power system of streets, highways, bridges, tunnels, parking lots, airports, ports, tourist attractions, etc. 3. High and low voltage incoming and outgoing lines adopt waterproof, fully sealed, fully insulated and fully shielded wiring mode. 4. The box shell is made of anti-corrosion stainless steel, fully sealed and can be immersed in water for a period of time. 5. The protection system fully considers the convenience and safety of operation. 6. The buried transformer is operated by operating rod, which is the same as the combined transformer. 7. Considering the particularity of heat dissipation conditions, the transformer is designed with low loss and low temperature. 8. Waterproof entry protection and automatic drainage measures shall be installed in the transformer cellar.

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