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Resin insulated dry reactor

The dry-type air core series reactor is suitable for series connection with high-voltage shunt capacitor banks to suppress the voltage waveform distortion of the power grid, control the harmonic component flowing through the capacitor banks, and limit the surge current when the capacitor banks are put into the power grid.

Dry type air core filter reactor is applicable to be used in series with shunt capacitor banks to form a resonant circuit to make it resonate at a specified frequency point, filter out the specified high-order harmonics, realize reactive power compensation of power system and limit the surge current when capacitor banks are put into power grid.

Product application of starting reactor when the AC asynchronous motor starts under the rated voltage, the initial starting current is very large, often exceeding many times of the rated current (generally 5 ~ 7 times). In order to reduce the starting current and not affect the power grid, the AC asynchronous motor is usually started by reducing the voltage. The common step-down method is to use the reactor or self coupling transformer, The starting process of AC motor is very short (usually a few seconds to two minutes). After starting, the reactor or auto coupling transformer for step-down starting will be cut off. The product is designed according to the starting characteristics of high-voltage asynchronous motor, and generally matches the motor power of 220 ~ 4800kw.

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