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Intelligent wind energy combined substation

1、 Product overview

With the continuous growth of China's economy, the demand for electricity has increased significantly, and energy has become the main body of the contradiction. Because the traditional coal-fired power generation and oil-fired power generation cause serious pollution to the environment, in order to meet the requirements of green environmental protection, wind power generation, as a clean energy production mode, has developed rapidly in China and become the main direction to solve the energy shortage. According to the demand of wind power plant, our company has developed a series of special combined box type substations for wind power generation. This product changes the 690V voltage electric energy generated by wind power generator into 35kV or 10KV voltage through step-up and transformation, and sends it to the system grid or users, so as to complete the task of wind power generation. It is the best supporting product of wind power generation system.

2、 Structural and performance characteristics 1. Structural characteristics a. the main body adopts the structure of common box transformer, which combines high-voltage components such as high-voltage load switch, plug-in fuse, transformer body and off-site tap changer in a sealed oil tank, and uses transformer oil as the insulating medium, with small volume and excellent performance. B. The integrated combined wind power substation is composed of high-voltage chamber, low-voltage chamber, oil tank and radiator. The high-voltage chamber and transformer are & ldquo; Item & rdquo; In a zigzag arrangement, a chip radiator is installed on the side of the oil tank. The chip radiator is composed of an oil guide pipe and a heat sink in series, which is more suitable for the heat dissipation demand of a high-power transformer. In order to prevent man-made damage, for the heat sink with weak mechanical strength, the steel plate protective cover for dispersing the hot hole can be used to strengthen the protection. The electric energy generated from the wind turbine generator is boosted by the substation and then connected to the power grid. 2. Performance characteristics A. energy saving. Its no-load loss and load loss are lower than those of similar products, which protects the full utilization of wind energy to the greatest extent. B. It is safe and reliable to protect personal safety, and the box adopts anti-theft structure. C. High temperature resistance, strong overload operation capacity, small volume, compact structure, safety and convenience. It can be used for ring network terminal and convenient conversion. D. Environmental protection, no oil filtration, oil change and pollution during the service life. 3. Environmental conditions for normal use a. the altitude shall not exceed 2000m; B. Ambient temperature: upper limit + 45 degrees; Lower limit - 40 degrees; C. Outdoor wind speed shall not exceed 35m / SD, relative humidity: daily average value shall not be greater than 95%, monthly average value shall not be greater than 90%; E. The seismic intensity shall not exceed 8 degrees; F. Installed in a place without fire, explosion hazard, serious pollution and chemical corrosion; G. Special use conditions: when the above normal use conditions cannot be met, our company will negotiate with the house to meet the user's requirements to the greatest extent.

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